Bedtime Bonnet by Nancy Amanda Redd, Illustrated by Nneka Myers [CeCe’s #MustReadin2020 Book Review]

Bedtime BonnetBedtime Bonnet by Nancy Amanda Redd
Published: April 2020
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was one of the books on my #MustReadin2020 list and I added it because 1) I’ve never read a book, picture book or otherwise, that talks about the significance of the hair bonnet 2) because Nneka Myers’s cover art captured my attention with the big curls and sweet bedtime kisses from mommy. This is the first time I have experienced her art. Her work in this book was refreshingly beautiful, fun, and endearing.

Until I had my own children and started to learn how to take care of their hair, I never had such an awareness of proper haircare. Sure, I wrapped my hair up at night as a teenager. My hair was relaxed and I wrapped it around my head much like Big Sis did in this story because I wore it straight. As a mother, I made the decision to stop relaxing both of my daughters’ hair. I felt the need to free us from that learned pastime to allow their natural hair to grow. Here’s where the bedtime bonnets came into play for us, to protect our hair at night until the morning light and Nancy Redd’s Bedtime Bonnet gets that. It accurately captures the significance of braiding or twisting up our hair at night, wrapping it up with scarves and durags, or bonnets as we ready ourselves for bed. I appreciate this depiction. I appreciate Grandpa’s sense of humor and his low maintenance bald head (lol). All in all, I enjoyed every bit of this book and would recommend it as a gift for the children in your life and for your classroom or library. It is recommended for pre-k through 2nd grade but of course, adults will love it too.

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