Lion Lessons | by Jon Agee

Lion Lessons by Jon Agee My rating: 3 of 5 stars Earning a diploma is certainly an accomplishment worth celebrating, especially if that diploma happens to be a lion diploma. It certainly is no easy feat. There are seven steps that one must learn. From looking fierce and perfecting your roar, to pouncing and protecting... Continue Reading →

Come With Me | by Holly M. McGhee

*Note: Review of an Advance Reader Copy | Book Release Date: 9/5/17 Come with Me by Holly M. McGhee My rating: 4 of 5 stars   Turning on the news can be terribly frightening as images of perilous times dominate our screens and news feeds but even the youngest among us can do their part... Continue Reading →

NetGalley Badge | Professional Reader

I have officially earned my Professional Reader badge on NetGalley As a school library media speciliast, I can count one of my areas of expertise as being a professional reader. I make book recommendations to my school community (students, staff, admin, and parents) and to my family and friends all the time. I read for... Continue Reading →

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