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Book Excursion is a group of 15 educational leaders who read, review, and promote new books through Social Media and in our schools with an express purpose to share our love of reading with the families and communities we serve. The co-founders are Kimberly Bower (@gladeslibrarian) and Laura Mossa (@lauramossa) who formed the group on Twitter.

Through the generosity of countless authors and publishers and platforms like NetGalley, we have read and championed a great number of books and have added many awesome titles to our classroom and library collections. To check out some of the titles that our members have read, check out some of our member’s blogs listed below.

Kimberly Bower, K-5 Library Media Specialist

O2B Heavenly Minded

Lisa Maucione, 1-5 Reading Specialist

Literacy on the Mind

Lorraine Magee, 4th Grade Teacher

Miss Magee’s Reads

Nicole Mancini

Kid Lit Book Reviews

Deana Metzke, K-5 Literacy Coach

Raising Readers

Laura Mossa, K-5 Reading Specialist

Beagles & Books

Patty Palmer, 4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Palmer Ponders

Sarah Threlkeld, K-5 Teacher Librarian

Happy Reading