Storystorm 2018 Complete | Feeling Like a Winner!


Storystorm 2018 hosted by Tara Lazar

At the very end of 2017, I signed up for Tara Lazar’s Storystorm for the first time. It’s an annual writing challenge for all writers at any stage, to generate 30 ideas over 31 days (1/1-1/31/18). It is one of two writing challenges I have committed myself to thus far in 2018; with the other being the Inkygirl Word Count Challenge hosted by Debbie Ridpath Ohi. You can read my Daily Writing Goals – Challenge Accepted post here to find out more about the kickoff to my 2018 writing challenges.

The Daily Grind – A Sistah’s got Goals!

Storystorm began with us channeling our inner Eminem with author Urania Smith who came out of the gate busting a rhyme. Yo, I was pumped! “We’re armed and steady, pencils sharpened, minds are heavy…” She asked this question, “If you had one month to win prizes and write as many ideas in as many days, would you capture that moment or just let it slip?” Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy but I captured the moment, tackled that bad boy down and said, “Let’s do this! A sistah’s got goals!”

Each day from there on out was filled with a wealth of advice, tips, and strategies from some truly amazing authors, illustrators, and creative professionals. Jess Keating taught me that “Curiosity is your heart’s way of telling you to pay attention,” and that I needed to cultivate an “attitude of inspiration.” Recording just one amazing thing about each day. I did this several times in my notebook and it caused me to be more intentional in my observations. Sue Fliess encouraged me to hang out with creative people and to train my brain to always be looking for a story.

I took in every bit of advice from each day’s post and learned from Josh Nash that, “Living a creative life is a full-time job and being open to ideas means that you are always on the clock.” I experienced idea overflows and droughts and learned from Jarrett Lerner that sometimes, “Ideas have to be chased down, wrestled into submission, tricked or bribed with treats.” I can assure you that plenty of treats were had during this process, mostly of the ice cream sort (strawberry cheesecake icecream & cold brew coffee ice cream – yum!).

My days were filled with reflection, vision, and purpose but they were also laced with moments of doubt, fear, and discouragement and to be honest there were days that I had no ideas at all. Yet, I prevailed and found inspiration one post at a time. On January 31st, 2018, I successfully completed Tara Lazar’s Storytorm and it has left me feeling a mighty sense of accomplishment with 42 ideas written down!

Storystorm 2018 is Complete & I’m Feeling Like a Winner!

PRIZES! PRIZES! PRIZES! I am thankful for the time each author, illustrator, and creative professional has put into making this such an incredible experience for us all! As if it weren’t enough that this event was absolutely FREE, there are some amazing prizes too! Signed copies of books and artwork. Book critiques and one-on-one learning opportunities via Skype, and more. I hope to be counted among one of the lucky winners! Prize or no prize, I feel like a winner already for having participated in such an awesome event!

Tara Lazar is an author that I’ve been enjoying with my students this school year. Her book, 7 Ate 9: The Untold Story, left us in stitches and has quickly become one of our favorite’s. You can read my review of her book here. Check out her website by clicking on the link below. It is most certainly “a kidlit treasure box.”

Tara Lazar


Twitter: @taralazar |

Instagram: @taralaser (Yes, it is spelled correctly)

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