Butt in Chair [CeCe Writes Stuff]

Christina Carter @CeCeLibrarian

I Didn’t Write That Book Yet But I’m Still a Writer

On those days when I am frustrated because I have not yet put my butt in the chair and written a book, I need to remind myself that I am still a writer. CeCeLibrarian’s Book Blog is one piece of evidence. This post you’re reading right now is number 256 over a period of a little over 2 years of consistent writing and I am thankful for my community of readers and for the other writers I have met in this space. If you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope that you will find books here that you will enjoy sharing with your family, school community, and friends.

I blog to keep in the habit and practice of writing. I blog about children’s books specifically, because as a school librarian, I love reading them and I get to experience the sheer joy of making the best book recommendations I can to my students…because I actually read them. I also read children’s books, to inform and hone my craft, and to help me find my voice. Within this 2 year period, I’ve been inspired greatly by KidLit writers like Tami Charles, Paula Chase, Alice Faye Duncan, Zetta Elliott, Debbi Michiko Florence, Tara Lazar, Kate Messner, Debbie Ridpath Ohi, Dee Romito, Carole Boston Weatherford, and so many more.

Lately, I’ve been reading a great deal of nonfiction narrative picture books and then doing some research on my hometown. Buffalo has such a rich history to explore. The Buffalo and Erie County Public library has been my best friend in helping to unearth some gems as I start to find my story and I am loving the process. Research makes my librarian heart happy. In the meantime, I need to trust the process and keep putting the work in, meaning BUTT IN CHAIR, PEN TO PAPER and, fingers to the keyboard too.

Are you researching with the intent of writing a book? Do you also work full-time while writing? What are you doing to carve out the time you need to work on your craft?

Is that a hanger in my photo? Yes it is. I was trying on a shirt at TJMaxx. And yes, I was buying another black shirt because that’s how I roll.



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