The Watcher | by Nikki Grimes

The WatcherThe Watcher by Nikki Grimes

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Tanya and Jordan are classmates but they aren’t exactly friends. They are both a little misunderstood and have their own challenges to overcome but what might their experience at school be like for them if they set aside their differences and gave friendship a try when they needed it most?

The Watcher alternates between Tanya and Jordan’s point of view and is a picture book written in verse that takes the reader behind the veil and gives them a look at what can’t exactly be seen on the outside. Those fears, insecurities, and emotions that are oftentimes tucked away and kept inside. This would be a good book to read at any time of the school year and would make a great addition to any character education program as we consider how to care for and be kind to one another, and how to make and be a friend.

This book was inspired by Psalm 121 and Nikki Grimes utilizes a form of poetry called the golden shovel. As it is explained at the end of the book, “You take lines from an existing poem or, as in this book, from a psalm, and create a new poem using the words from the original.” Instructions on how to write your own are included as well. I can’t wait to make one of my own and to make them with my students too as we get into National Poetry Month in April. While this book is recommended for ages 6-10, it would make a nice gift for every classroom up through middle school and beyond. I borrowed this book from the public library but now plan to buy it. One for myself and one to give away.

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