Finding Narnia: The Story of C.S. Lewis and His Brother by Caroline McAlister, Illustrated by Jessica Lanan [CeCe’s Book Review]

Finding Narnia: The Story of C. S. Lewis and His BrotherFinding Narnia: The Story of C. S. Lewis and His Brother by Caroline McAlister
Published: November 2019
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read all of the books in this series with my oldest daughter who is now 21. We had a magical experience reading them aloud or listening to the audiobook performances. These were among the first of C.S. Lewis’s books that I read. From the series, my favorites are The Magician’s Nephew and The Silver Chair. This book includes the order in which to read the series as well as the order according to the publication dates as we all now know The Magician’s Nephew to be the place you want to begin your read.

It was really interesting to learn how these two brothers used their imaginations as they played in different ways that would ultimately influence C.S. Lewis’s writing and guess what? That wardrobe was real! You may have already known that but it was news to me. Needless to say, I enjoyed Finding Narnia and as my students are still reading this series to this very day, this is a title I will add to my K-5 library. The back matter of the book includes an author’s note that goes into further detail about C.S. Lewis and Warren Hamilton Lewis’s lives. As previously mentioned there is a list of the order to read and enjoy The Chronicles of Narnia. There’s also the most extensive illustrators note I’ve ever seen in a picture book before courtesy of Jessica Lanan. The details she includes about the art on each page are pretty fascinating. I feel I may need to re-listen to the audiobooks from the series during my commute this upcoming school year.

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