Write! Write! Write! Poems by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, Illustrated by Ryan O’Rourke [CeCe’s Book Review]

Write! Write! Write!Write! Write! Write! by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater
Published: March 2020
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Write! Write! Write! is a collection of poems penned by one of my favorite poets, Amy Ludwig VanDerwater about all things writing. It starts with the alphabet and the formation of words strung together as sentences, covers finding and growing ideas, scrapping with writer’s block, and writing as a way to use your voice. Write! Write! Write! is sure to inspire the reader to consider their own creativity through the power of writing.

There are 22 poems in all for you to enjoy and they each highlight different aspects of writing. One of my favorite poems is Writing About Reading, perhaps because it speaks to two things I enjoy doing 1) Reading and then 2) Writing about what I’m reading.

Excerpt from Writing About Reading:

My notes are my breadcrumbs.

Each one is a sign
guiding me back
to words on the shelf
leading me deep
into books and myself.

Another one that spoke to my heart was Anything Can Grow, with my favorite line being:

I compose a peaceful song
when news is shouting war

I noticed the recommendation was for kindergarten through 4th grade but I think that 5th grade students would enjoy it too. I can see it as a text to share, one poem at a time as you see fit, as a read-aloud for Writer’s Workshop. And although I haven’t read it yet, I predict that I will want to pair it with Kate Messner’s book, How to Write a Story.

Checkout Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s site (https://www.amyludwigvanderwater.com/…) to view the book trailer for Write! Write! Write! and to learn more about Ryan O’Rourke’s process as the illustrator. I adored his thoughtful, cheerful illustrations.

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Amy Ludwig VanDerwater | https://www.amyludwigvanderwater.com/

Ryan O’Rourke | https://cargocollective.com/ryanorourke

Word Song
An Imprint of Boyd Mills & Kane

Book Excursion | PLN Group of Rockstar Reading Educators| #BookExcursion
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