For the One by Fyere Music – She’s Got Bars [Spoken Word Poetry Short Film]


Ekaete Bailey @fyerenusic
Founder of Beautifully Imperfect: A Love Movement
[Photo Credit: Josh Duttweiler @josh_dutt]

Soul-Stirring Bars – This Should be a Book!

I read a ton and write often about the reading that I do but I also love good music, good food, and spoken word poetry. One of my favorite spoken word artists is a powerhouse of talent with a gift to drop soul-stirring bars – Ekaete Bailey. Her latest piece, For the One, is a Spoken Word Short Film following the story of an unlikely trio on a night that they won’t soon forget. They each have “Lives to live and a war to fight…”

Each line painted a vivid picture in my head and as I closed my eyes I could see each moment come to life and all I could think was, THIS SHOULD BE A BOOK! I was catching all of the novel in verse vibes and her work makes me think of Jason Reynolds (Author & National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature) and Elizabeth Acevedo (Author & Spoken Word Poet). If you haven’t had a chance to, you can watch the video below then go and follow @fyeremusic because you will not want to miss her new series Beautifully Imperfect: A Love Movement.


Ekaete Bailey is a Child of God first and foremost. She had been writing since she was in third grade and began creating fantastic tales about her stuffed animals. Ekaete’s passions have led her to spoken word, music, film, screenwriting, directing, poetry, preaching and motivational speaking. She is a worshipper by nature who has maintained a position of everyday ministry throughout her adult life. Ekaete loves life, people and the constant hope that God can (and will) change anything and anyone at any time. Ekaete works as a product manager at a local financial institution and enjoys the blessing of being a wife and a mother – two lifelong dreams that have come true.

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Two Books That Came to Mind as I Listened to For the One by Fyere Music

long way down

Long Way Down
by Jason Reynolds

You see Will, but do you know him? He’s the young man whose brother was shot and killed. He’s got a story to tell, and you might just get to know him if you would only listen. Were you to live in his neighborhood, you would know that there are 3 rules that apply in this situation: 1) NO CRYING, 2) NO SNITCHING, and 3) GET REVENGE. Will is hell-bent on avenging his brother’s death and doing what’s necessary to adhere to the code. He secures a gun, heads out of his apartment to the elevator and comes face-to-face with his fears when voices from beyond the grave cause him to contemplate his decision. “SIXTY SECONDS. SEVEN FLOORS. THREE RULES. ONE GUN” (Jason Reynolds, Long Way Down). Read more.

Poet X

The Poet X
by Elizabeth Acevedo

The Poet X is Elizabeth Acevedo’s extraordinary debut novel that speaks from the depths of the beauty and power of the written and spoken word. It is a novel in verse, told in three parts about Xiomara Batista, a 15-year old girl hailing from Harlem.

Xiomara (meaning “One who is ready for war”) is the daughter of two old school Dominican parents. She is often misunderstood and unheard in a home where her mom’s voice rings loudest, casting judgement and laying down the law in the name of religion. With a father who is at once present and absent; there but…”gone as anybody.”

She keeps these notebooks, at least one of which was gifted to her by her brother who’s long believed in Xiomara and has been a source of quiet strength and encouragement. She fills her notebooks with inspirational quotes and her thoughts of which, every now and then she dresses “in the clothing of a poem.”

A flyer hanging in the hallway at school catches Xiomara’s attention, calling out to all poets, rappers, and writers for a Spoken Word Poetry Club. Will she have what it takes? Can she speak up and be seen? Will she find her voice? Read more.

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