Love is Kind by Laura Sassi, Illustrated by Lison Chaperon [CeCe’s Book Review]

Love Is KindLove Is Kind by Laura Sassi
Published: August 2018
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love is Kind is exactly the sort of book I needed to read today. A sweet gentle reminder of what love lived out can mean to the world around us. The kind of love that considers the needs and joy of others.

Little Owl wants to make his Grammy’s birthday as special as can be. He sets out to buy her a heart-shaped box of chocolates when before long, his coins go rolling down the hill. One thing after another makes Owl’s mission seem impossible but what at first looks like a thumbs down kind of day turns out to be one that was destined to bring a little sunshine to those he would encounter along the way. Even if it meant that he went home empty-handed, Owl knew that the love he shared with his Grammy was truly the best gift of all.

This book is based on 1 Corinthians 13 and I love how the words from this biblical text are uniquely embedded throughout as creative illustrations through artwork that is warm, fuzzy, and playful. Love is Kind is intended to be gifted from one to another. There are lines on the first page to do just that. This book can be found in both English and Spanish and would make a great addition to any library. Gift it to the young little loves in your life and be sure to read it together.

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Love is Kind went on a Blog Tour where the author Laura Sassi shared activities that you can do when you read her book. There you will find an Owl Tea Party, including a recipe and some incredibly adorable cut-out cake toppers. Go check it out on Susanna Leonard Hill’s site.


Laura Sassi |

Lison Chaperon


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