#MustReadin2020 Reading Challenge | Hosted by There’s a Book For That

Must Read in 2020 Reading Challenge

This reading challenge is hosted by Carrie Gelson of There’s a Book for That. The idea is to set a goal for books that you are most excited to read in 2020. I have twenty-two books on my list but if things go the way they did last year, more books are going to pop up that I feel I just have to read, so we’ll see if this list changes soon.

I created my lists in PicCollage. Twenty-two books over four graphics. Take a look. Are any of these books on your list? You’ll find links to the author’s websites listed below each graphic in alphabetical order.


Collage 2020-01-08 22_07_06.jpg

Collage 2020-01-08 22_22_26.jpg

Collage 2020-01-08 22_01_17.jpg

What are you excited to read in 2020?


  1. So many great books you have on this ever-growing list. I too have The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez, What Lane?, From the Desk of Zoe Washington, Clean Getaway, Three Keys, Ways to Make Sunshine, and Forever This Summer on my list. I read A Place at the Table and loved it! It was a fantastic #ownvoices novel.


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