STORYSTORM 2020: 30 Ideas /31 Days Hosted by Tara Lazar

Might STORYSTORM help me transition from being a voracious reader to a writer who also reads a lot?

It would be an extremely rare occasion if you were to catch me without a book in my hand, on the floor near my bed, on my ottoman, in my bag, or on my phone. As an elementary librarian, I read mostly KidLit because of my mission to help my students find the books of their hearts. Reading as much as I do helps me to make informed decisions as I curate a collection that reflects my students’ interests. A collection that dares them to aspire beyond their imaginations. One that opens their eyes and minds to the world around them.

I read for all of those reasons but I also do it because it’s what those who want to hone their own craft would do. I’ve been writing all my life without taking up the title, writer. This space, CeCe’s Book Blog, has been a platform for me to keep in the habit and practice of writing. I’ve been blogging about my reading for about two years now and I’ve loved every minute of it! It is something I will keep doing but as this new year approaches, I’m taking 2020 by storm. Well, STORYSTORM. Thank you Tara Lazar for hosting this writing challenge by which participants develop 30 story ideas over the 31 days of January while receiving advice and prompts from Kidlit authors and illustrators. Who’s ready to jump right in? This girl is. Who else is STORYSTORMing in 2020?

This girl


If you are reading this and are wondering how you can be a part of STORYSTORM, check out Tara Lazar’s registration post on her site, Writing for Kids (While Raising Them).


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