Ironheart, Volume 1: Those With Courage by Eve L. Ewing [CeCe’s Comic Book Review]

Ironheart, Vol. 1: Those With CourageIronheart, Vol. 1: Those With Courage by Eve L. Ewing
Published: July 2019
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I first met Riri Williams (as created by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato Jr.) while reading through Invincible Iron Man in 2018 and was intrigued. Her genius rivaled Stark’s who was impressed with Williams’s brilliance even while he was in a coma. His A.I. mentored her as she took up his mantle becoming Ironheart. Eve L. Ewing now takes Riri out of Tony’s shadow as she grows into her own. She’s the only M.I.T. student with a fully funded lab which she uses to engineer new tech (with some strings attached?). She crafted a dope suit of armor that dares the most dastardly of foes to bring it. She rises above her losses, protects her community, and fights for justice-alone. She is one who moves with courage, making the path for and saving the lives of those who live in fear.

“Those who move with courage make the path for those who live in fear.”
– Gary (Riri Williams’s Step Dad)

I am here for this. Riri Williams, as reenvisioned by Eve L. Ewing is golden. Those with Courage has Ironheart squashing the plans of dirty politicians, derailing suspicious criminal activity, battling minions who are working for the Ten Rings, and rescuing a familiar Champion who’s stuck in a time loop. She faces off with an ex Parker Industries scientist, a weapon worshipping ninja, and a space, time, interdimensional portal hobbyist. She’s flexing her muscles as a superhero while at the same time developing a new A.I., making important upgrades to her suit, and trying her best to focus on her studies. She quotes Maya Angelou (Still I rise), listens to a Tribe Called Quest, and rocks Captain Marvel Tees. She is all kinds of cool and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Eve L. Ewing has written other books that I want to read (1919 and Electric Arches, for example) but as I understand it, this is her first comic. Not everyone can ease their way into this space and in my opinion, Ewing knocked it out of the park. Here’s to high hopes for volume 2.

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