My Mommy Medicine by Edwidge Danticat [CeCe’s Book Review]

My Mommy MedicineMy Mommy Medicine by Edwidge Danticat
Published: February 2019
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is for every child who has ever been sick or maybe had a rough day; those who have been healed from the heart and the sweet tender care of a mother. Mommy Medicine is something you can count on. That’s what our little girl in this story knows beyond any shadow of a doubt. Her special dose of Mommy Medicine looks like kisses and cuddles or sometimes a bubble bath or reading a good book. As the author Edwidge Danticat points out, “Mommy Medicine is based on shared affection and a strong desire to make someone you love feel better.” Sometimes that person is Mom but it could also be Dad, aunties, uncles, siblings, grandparents, guardians and caregivers. All those who want to see you get better soon.

I am a grown woman and am married with young adult children and I still call home for some Mommy Medicine. You really can’t beat it. I have called on my mother when her grandbabies were sick too. She always seems to know exactly what to do.

The author asks at the end of the book what your Mommy Medicine is. My babies are grown-ish now but I love that they still let me take good care of them. Sometimes that means they get a day or two of full-service meals in bed, time and space to rest, and lots and lots of water (with regular reminders to hydrate). If I’m lucky, I still might get some snuggles out of my youngest who is fifteen and then we watch a good rom-com on Netflix.

The love that emanates throughout the pages of My Mommy Medicine warmed my heart and I know that it is a book that I will be adding to our K-5 library collection for our families to enjoy. Shannon Wright’s illustrations were so sweet and let me just say that I absolutely adored those curls! Their natural hair is beautiful and I am thrilled that the illustrator chose to depict them this way.

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