Go Show the World: A Celebration of Indigenous Heroes by Wab Kinew [CeCe’s Book Review]

Go Show the World: A Celebration of Indigenous HeroesGo Show the World: A Celebration of Indigenous Heroes by Wab Kinew
Published: September 2018
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wab Kinew is the leader of the provincial New Democratic Party in Manitoba, Canada, and Go Show the World is the first picture book he’s written. It brilliantly highlights the accomplishments and contributions of 13 Indigenous heroes from all over North America (the U.S. and Canada) from the distant past through the present. Their stories are told in this lyrical homage that honors their legacies with pride and passion.

Joe Morse’s illustrations are magnificent and powerful and will cause the reader to consider the impact of the ancestors on our lives today and will at the same time direct us to look forward, with heads held high to the possibilities. I think that every dreamer (myself included) will be inspired by each of the leaders who are mentioned in this book.

Their stories matter and as Wab Kinew strongly believes, “it’s important for every young person to hear the words, ‘you’re a person who matters’ so they can learn to believe in themselves too” (from the author’s note), and I absolutely agree!

“We are people who matter.

Yes, it’s true.

Now let’s show the world what people who matter can do.”

Go Show the World: A Celebration of Indigenous Heroes by Wab Kinew

I intend to add this book to my K-5 library collection and will display it prominently for my students to enjoy. I think it would be a good book to read aloud to our 4th grade classrooms as they explore different Indigenous groups and then also our 5th grade classes as they study Canada. If you plan to use this book in your classroom too, then check out the author’s pinned Tweet that provides a link to the discussion guide (Wab Kinew @wabkinew).

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Wab Kinew | https://www.wabkinew.ca/

Joe Morse | http://joemorse.com/

Tundra Books| https://www.penguinrandomhouse.ca/imprints/TU/tundra-books

Borrowed from the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library

Find Go Show the World at your local indie bookstore:Support Independent Bookstores - Visit IndieBound.org

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