Spider-Woman: Shifting Gears, Volume 1: Baby Talk | by Dennis Hopeless

Spider-Woman: Shifting Gears, Volume 1: Baby TalkSpider-Woman: Shifting Gears, Volume 1: Baby Talk by Dennis Hopeless

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Spider-Woman is expecting a baby and while everyone is strongly suggesting she lay off the crime-fighting scene, Jessica just can’t seem to do it. Her two investigative partners, Ben Urich and Roger Gocking (A.K.A. the porcupine suit wearing guy) won’t let her in on any of the action. Maternity leave had been far removed from her mind until one day it wasn’t. A party was even thrown in her honor where any Avenger worth their weight in gold was in attendance playing, “can you guess the baby’s daddy?” Trust! Don’t go asking Jessica that question, you’d be better off minding your own business.

Maternity leave had Jessica bored out of her mind! R&R really isn’t her sort of thing but that little bundle of joy she’s expecting was worth the sacrifice. She takes Carol’s advice and visits the hospital she’d recommended where there is an expert (alien) doula staffed. As luck would have it, Skrulls had invaded and taken over the hospital, leaving Jessica Drew to protect the expectant mothers who were there, keep the staff safe, and deliver a Skrull beat down until help was able to get to them. Did I mention that the hospital is in the center of a black hole and that the portal to get to it has been cut off by the Skrulls and that maybe there are explosives involved? What will Spider-Woman do if Carol can’t get to them before they are all cut off for good?

Fast-paced and funny. Motherhood superhero style. The thing that made me laugh the most was watching Jessica and Carol talking to each other on their phones while engaged in major butt-whooping. Who does that?! While I gave the other two volumes I read a 3 and 3.5-star rating, I’m giving this one a 4-star rating because of how it made me laugh. Next up, I’ll be reading Spider-Woman: Shifting Gears, Volume 2: Civil War II.

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Dennis Hopeless | https://www.marvel.com/comics/creators/11901/dennis_hopeless_hallum


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