Spider-Woman Volume 2: New Duds | by Dennis Hopeless

Spider-Woman, Volume 2: New DudsSpider-Woman, Volume 2: New Duds by Dennis Hopeless

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As of late, Jess is not down with that Avengers lifestyle. She gave up rolling with the big dogs, living in the Avengers Tower (rent free), flossing like a boss with an international super-spy expense account, to find herself duking it out with street-level thugs. Five weeks into the normal life she’s approached by reporter Ben Urich who is seeking her help to locate several missing women and their children. It would appear that each one is connected to some shady, supervillainous character. Are their disappearances really a  mystery? Do they even want to be found? Jess has a new mission and if she can crack the case, there’ll be plenty more mysteries to solve so long as she sticks with Ben; this partnership now being the equivalent of a normal-ish life. That is until Natasha shows up with news of imminent doom…no retirement for Jess just yet.

This marks the 2nd volume I’ve read of Spider-Woman (with the first being Spider-Verse. After a few pages into her new life, Ben enters the scene and at first it’s difficult to tell if he’s luring her into some sort of trap or not. I liked his character though and the partnership that he forges with Jessica and the fact that they go road tripping across the United States to investigate several unsolved mysteries with plenty of pics, heroism, and hijinks along the way.  The ending, however, was a little bit strange; hulked-out cows, mind-controlled people, and a video game sort of thing responsible for it all? With these side missions being as they are, I’m sure Jess won’t mind getting back to some real avenging. Next up to read is Spider-Woman: Shifting Gears, Volume 1: Baby Talk.

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Dennis Hopeless | https://www.marvel.com/comics/creators/11901/dennis_hopeless_hallum

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