The Good Egg | by Jory John

The Good EggThe Good Egg by Jory John

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s not easy being the good egg all the time. Well, not just a good egg, but a verrrrrry good egg, as our egg friend humbly declares. He wants his friends to be good eggs too, but worrying about the behavior and actions of others all the time is a great deal of pressure. Realizing that he needed a little break, he takes time for a little R&R. To focus and to change his outlook on things. In the end, he realizes that no one is perfect and that he doesn’t have to be either.

The book comes from the creator of The Bad Seed, Jory John. I own a copy of that book in my K-5 library and as a result, will likely add The Good Egg too. I enjoyed the story and the illustrations. The egg was a bit self-righteous at the beginning of the story and was picked on by his peers, who I think may have looked at him as a goody two shoes. Ultimately the reader can walk away with the idea that you can really only control your own behavior and that perfection is an unrealistic standard to set.

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