Hello Goodbye Dog | by Maria Gianferrari

Hello Goodbye DogHello Goodbye Dog by Maria Gianferrari

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Moose is a dog who prefers hello over goodbye any day. Hellos are rides in the car, or a kiss and a snuggle. Hellos are all those beautiful moments that Moose cherishes with Zara and when she has to say goodbye for school, Moose takes matters into her own paws. She darts out the front door and does not stop until she gets to her best friend. The only problem is that Moose is not welcome at school. She has to go home. Goodbye feels like a closed door. Goodbye feels like being alone. Zara is a smart girl though and she has a brilliant idea that is sure to brighten everyone’s day.

Moose goes to a dog school and becomes a certified therapy dog. She is great at following directions, is good with children, and has a loving temperament. And as it turns out, she makes the perfect class reading dog. Hello Moose.

The cover image with Zara in her wheelchair exchanging a loving glance with her dog Moose is such a cheerful moment and is a big part of what captured my attention when I saw this book displayed on my public library’s shelf. Maria Gianferrari wrote a sweet story, made sweeter still by Patrice Barton’s illustrations that affectionately represent the tender relationship Moose has with Zara. This story is for everyone. Especially for those who have or long for a dog companion. Furthermore, I am thankful for school and library programs that bring in therapy reading dogs for their students and patrons to enjoy. There is more information about dogs as classroom readers in the author’s note, including a link to a website to consult. I look forward to adding this book to my K-5 library collection.

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Maria Gianferrari | https://mariagianferrari.com/

Patrice Barton | http://patricebarton.com/

Roaring Brook Press

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