Silk, Volume 3: The Clone Conspiracy | by Robbie Thompson

Silk, Volume 3: The Clone ConspiracySilk, Volume 3: The Clone Conspiracy by Robbie Thompson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cindy has her family back now and it’s all that she’s wanted since her release from the bunker, but the weight of living a decade in isolation is getting the best of her, making it difficult to move forward. Nothing feels right. Getting away for a little while might give Cindy the chance to clear her head and make sense of things, even if it means traveling to the West Coast to go on a special assignment with her boss. She may even get to take a break from being Silk. Or not. New coast, new problems. No rest for the weary. San Francisco has issues all its own and New U certainly has no shortage.

New U is at the center of the “big story” that Jameson is working on. Cindy was called in to do some field work and while there are those who do nothing but speak its praises, Cindy suspects that there is something really wrong about it; walking dead sort of wrong! As in people who were known to be dead were walking around with new life. They’d been cloned! Who wouldn’t want a second chance with a loved one they’d lost? Because of New U, Jameson gets that second chance (with his wife) and according to him, it’s completely safe. However, Cindy’s Silk sense would say otherwise.

In the meantime, back on the East Coast, Cindy’s dad was still working towards finding a means to help her live a normal life free of the effects of being bitten by a radioactive spider. The intent of those who would help her, however, was to absorb and use Cindy’s powers. Silk couldn’t allow for that to happen. Whether she wanted those powers anymore or not. In the end, she has to decide if she will give up being Silk for good. Will she take Mockingbird up on her offer to work for S.H.I.E.L.D.? Will life ever get back to normal for her family?

The Clone Conspiracy is the third and final volume in the Silk series and the way that volume two ended with Cindy reuniting with her family, I didn’t much see why there needed to be a third. Other than the fact that her dad was behaving rather suspiciously at the end of The Negative (Silk, volume 2). When I saw the title for volume three, I thought that just maybe her dad was a clone. I won’t spoil it for you though. You’ll have to read it on your own to find out. This was a decent end to the Silk series. At the very least, I am glad to have explored another spider person. I’d only become interested in Silk after having read through the Spider-Gwen series. I definitely like Spider-Gwen better.

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