Silk, Volume 2: The Negative | by Robbie Thompson

Silk, Volume 2: The NegativeSilk, Volume 2: The Negative by Robbie Thompson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If we could assign half-point ratings, I would give this a 3.5.

Evil Silk (A.K.A Nefarious Silk, as she prefers it) shows up from Earth 65 and goes on a crime spree. Stealing tech from the likes of Parker and Pym. Leaving the real Cindy Moon with a big mess to clean up. Let the Fact Channel tell it, Silk has gone bad, but Mockingbird knows better. On the upside of things, Evil Silk’s game gave Good Silk street cred with Black Cat but unfortunately, when the real Silk shows up, she simply didn’t measure up. How are you going to rob a high-security facility with the best of them one day and then turn around a week or so later and not remember how to break into that same place? Highly suspect behavior. Any doubts that Black Cat may have had about Silk were confirmed the moment S.H.I.E.L.D. set the trap that would cause her to lose everything.

This volume still finds Cindy wondering how much merit there is to Black Cat’s sentiment about there being no real difference between the good guys and bad. That there is a perplexing fine line between the two. Either way, when it’s time to throw down, Silk has had help as of late from a mysterious ghostly gentleman. His identity is revealed in this issue. Hint: He is a blast from Cindy’s distant past.

Cindy also receives some closure as it relates to her parents. She’s gone to great lengths to find them and believe it or not, it is not the strange ghostly fellow that helps Cindy in this pursuit. Her colleagues, turned good friends (the sort who know her secret identity), were instrumental in digging up a pretty strong lead on their whereabouts. Together, they go on an adventure of a lifetime. What they discover may not shock you but how this volume ends certainly will!

The Negative was another good volume to digest in the Silk series (even though the negative zone was a little strange). Next up will be Silk, volume 3: The Clone Conspiracy. You can read more about Silk, volume 1 in this post and Silk, volume 1 here.

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