Under My Hijab | by Hena Khan

Under My HijabUnder My Hijab by Hena Khan

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Under My Hijab by Hena Khan is a sweet and endearing book that introduces readers to hijabs. It exudes a strength and beauty that can be seen and felt in the text and illustrations alike. Hena is quoted to have said that she wrote this book “to celebrate the strength and dignity of the women who choose to wear the hijab, who are not solely defined by a piece of cloth.” I think what I love best is the way the little girl at the center of this story looks at each of the women in her life with such loving admiration; both when they are wearing their hijabs and when they are not. The book includes a section at the end that provides more information about the hijab.

This is a book I will certainly add to our K-5 library to read and share with my students. It is my hope that a book like this will expand the minds of our readers beyond the Western ideologies that have trained us to attach a negative association to the hijab and the Muslims who wear them. We need diverse books because we need to read stories that will help us bridge the divide; books that break down barriers. Thank you to Hena Khan and Aaliya Jaleel for such a beautiful book.

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Hena Khan | https://www.henakhan.com/

Aaliya Jaleel | https://www.aaliyamj.com/

Lee & Low Books | https://www.leeandlow.com/

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