Fearless Mary: Mary Fields, American Stagecoach Driver | by Tami Charles #MustReadin2019

Fearless Mary: The True Adventures of Mary Fields, American Stagecoach DriverFearless Mary: The True Adventures of Mary Fields, American Stagecoach Driver by Tami Charles

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is inspiring to learn about a woman who challenged the norm and pursued something she was really good at in spite of the obstacles she faced; defying the prevailing mores of the time, and becoming the first African American woman stagecoach driver (in 1895)! She was hired at the age of 60 in the town of Cascades, Montana, to do a job that was previously thought to have been one that only a man could do. She proved herself to be faster than most, tough when the stagecoach needed protecting, and smart. She was as a trailblazer who paved the way for other women who would become stagecoach drivers and deliver mail across the United States.

In the author’s note at the end of the book, Tami Charles says, “Mary Fields didn’t allow prejudices to hold her back from accomplishing her goals. She is an unsung hero-one whose name should be recognized for all she did and everything she stood for.” She is indeed an inspiration to me and I am grateful to Tami Charles for highlighting her legacy and sharing her story with us. I look forward to adding this book to our library’s collection for our students to read and enjoy.

This book is one of my #MustReadin2019 books. I have also read (and loved) Like Vanessa by Tami Charles.

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    1. What a remarkable woman she was. I’m thankful to have learned about her through Tami’s picture book. I have a copy of the book on order for my K-5 library and am looking forward to sharing it with my students. Thanks for stopping by.

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