Spider-Gwen, Volume 4: Predators | by Jason Latour

Spider-Gwen, Vol. 4: PredatorsSpider-Gwen, Vol. 4: Predators by Jason Latour

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As Gwen grows more aloof with her friends, they begin to piece things together and are pretty sure that their unreliable bandmate might just be Spider-Woman. It just makes sense. Especially with all the things that have happened with Captain Stacy. His trial has been miraculously moved up. While he intends to say whatever he can to exonerate Spider-Woman, thereby freeing his daughter, there are those who would much rather keep him silent. Especially Murdock. Unfortunately, Captain Stacy is about to find himself in a heap of trouble. Meanwhile, Harry is back and is far worse off than first imagined. The mutagen is taking over, leaving him less intact with each mutation. Gwen wants to help him but the cost to do so may change her life forever. Is Venom really the answer? According to the scientists, it might just make her whole again. There’s just one small problem, Murdock is behind it all. Somehow, he always seems to get what he wants, and at the moment it’s Harry.

Volume 4 is getting me one step closer to a revelation of Murdock’s plans. He’s been a tough one to figure out. As the Kingpin, he’s got everyone in his pocket and they are all helpless to loosen his grip. It would appear that Spider-Gwen is his only worthy opponent and she is not easily won over…yet. Hopefully, Gwenon (volume 5) will reveal more. Two more things though to point out before I head off to read the next one. 1) Earth 65’s watcher is so lazy but it cracks me up that he is watching a game show called Family Foes, hosted by Moho Harvey (with pink hair to boot), instead of paying attention to what is going on with Gwen and 2) I like how the comic’s creators have their names inked on the panels in the opening of Predators (a nice creative choice).

You can read about the previous volumes I read and reviewed here:


Jason Latour | https://imagecomics.com/creators/jason-latour

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