Spider-Gwen, Volume 5: Gwenom | by Jason Latour

Spider-Gwen, Vol. 5: GwenomSpider-Gwen, Vol. 5: Gwenom by Jason Latour

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Poor Gwennie. Venom has her entangled in its snare pretty hardcore and her hunger for justice, or should I say revenge, has been amplified exponentially with her symbiotic relationship with this demon of a parasite. Her very nature has changed. Her mask used to be her badge as she adhered to a code of honor as her father would, but now, she is fueled by an insatiable bloodlust that even taking out Murdock wouldn’t quench. And with the amount of power she has coursing through her veins, she is truly the only worthy opponent the Kingpin has. Yet somehow, he still holds all the cards. One can only hope that teaming up with the Punisher might mean the end of Murdock. Has Gwen become like the monsters she’s feared all this time? Is it possible that Cindy Moon’s words are true? That the deepest, darkest thoughts swirling around in Gwen’s mind right now are not that of some weird venomous invasion but are instead a reflection of her own desires? Gwen needs help! Who do you call on when it’s the hero who is in trouble? Let’s just hope they won’t be too late.

Volume 5 reveals a side of Gwen that I think even she was surprised by. At her core, Gwen’s not all lost. I’ve got to believe she’ll make the right decisions. I’ll have to wait until next time to find out though because it appears that Gwen is about to get sucked into another dimension. I just ordered volume 6 from my library and I can’t wait until it is available to read.

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Jason Latour | https://imagecomics.com/creators/jason-latour

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