Ninja! | by Arree Chung

Ninja!Ninja! by Arree Chung
Published: June 2014
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Really, who doesn’t want to be a ninja? I’ve seen first hand from my own kids their creative ninja moves, equipment, and outfits (mostly all clad in black, you know for stealth missions), and I think that’s a big part of why I enjoyed this book; because it speaks to the ambition of countless children. Arree Chung’s Ninja! provides tips, tricks, and even a list of necessary supplies for any aspiring ninja. And I have to admit that Maxwell’s moves are pretty impressive. I’m not the only one who thinks so. His sister is watching every move he makes with a glint of admiration in her eye and although she is not thrilled about her brother swiping her cookies as a part of his endeavor, she is, however, ecstatic for the invitation to join in on the fun. Maxwell is a-okay in my book and I can’t wait to read more of his stories.

Arree is both author and illustrator. A double dose of talent. What I appreciate most about his art is the use of comic book-ish style panels. I also liked his use of color and that dragon! This is the first book I’ve read in the Ninja series and I look forward to reading the 2nd and 3rd as well.

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  1. Hi Christina! This looks adorable! I didn’t realize it was a series! What age would you recommend it for? My son is almost 6 and loves everything Ninja!


    1. Hi Shari. I’m excited to add this and the others in the series to our K-5 library. Your 6 year-old son would absolutely LOVE it! My students enjoy everything ninja for sure. I would recommend it (and have) to all of my kindergarten and 1st grade students enjoy. Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas to you and your family 🎄


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