Connecting with Authors on Flipgrid

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Connecting with Authors on Flipgrid

You may have Flipgrid Fever like countless schools all over the world and as a result, you have been amplifying student voice on a video-based platform that knocks down the four walls of your classroom, extending learning beyond your school, to now include the greater global community. The possibilities are endless.

Let’s go one step further though and consider what it would mean to your students if they had a space to interact with the authors they’re reading and enjoying.  As a teacher-librarian, book-talking and sharing the love of reading is one of my favorite things to do. Oftentimes I will share book trailers, author interviews, and videos of authors and illustrators sharing their craft. Now that some authors are using Flipgrid, I have added this to my arsenal as well. Here are some ways I’ve used it:

  • To connect with other educators and authors to plan for how I want to use certain books with my students. Yes, there’s a Flipgrid for that! Middle Grade at Heart has a  Flipgrid with the express purpose of giving educators a space to share and discuss ideas with each other, and with authors!
  • To show my students videos of authors book talking their own books. Yes, there’s a Flipgrid for that! Grade 5 ELA teacher Nicole Mancini put out an all-call for authors to tell her students about their books. Over 80 responses came in. I refer to her Flipgrid often when I want to introduce students to a new book.
  • To view video messages from authors who are on Flipgird. When a student checks out a book from an author who has a Flipgrid, I provide them with the link to it so they can respond to the author’s video prompts.  I am hoping that more authors will jump on board with doing this. What a valuable connection for our students!

If you are reading this and are thinking, “Count me in,” check out my presentation from the School Librarians Association of WNY’s Fall Sharing Conference below. You will find links to several Flipgrids to try out as well as links to more details about the participating authors and their books.


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School Librarians Association of WNY |

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