Unplugged | by Steve Antony

UnpluggedUnplugged by Steve Antony

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There is so much that Blip can do being plugged into her computer. She can learn new things, play fun games, and travel to virtually anyplace in the world. When things go dark and Blip stumbles upon the world outside her home, she finds an adventure awaits. She makes new friends, has fun playing and finds great joy in simply being outside. And while she still likes being plugged into her computer, she can’t wait for the next time she can get unplugged.

Not only are our students regularly plugged in, so are the adults in their lives. Let’s talk about what it looks like to be unplugged. As Steve Antony’s Unplugged shows us, there are certainly benefits to be gained from being connected (plugged in) but what sorts of connections can we give our time to and enjoy when we choose to unplug? I can see this book lending itself to some great classroom discussions about balance.

I believe my students will enjoy this book as much as they do Steve’s Mr. Panda series.

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Steve Antony | http://www.steveantony.com/

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