Operation Rescue Dog | by Maria Gianferrari

Operation Rescue DogOperation Rescue Dog by Maria Gianferrari
Published: September 2018
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Operation Rescue Dog asks the question, “Can a dog feel like a hug?”

It follows the journeys of two who would soon become new friends. Alma is a little girl whose mom is in Iraq. She misses her a great deal. She wears her mom’s scarf “like a hug” because it gives her comfort. Lulu is a rescue dog that needs a new home. She is in the care of the Operation Rescue Dog Team and is on her way to their next stop when she decides to wander off. In the meantime, Alma is excited when her Abeula agrees to take her to the truck stop to find a rescue dog; the perfect surprise for when her mother returns. When the two are united, it is the start of a beautiful relationship. Can a dog feel like a hug? I answer with a resounding yes! A hug, a companion, a friend.

I enjoyed this sweet story and its illustrations which were equally delightful. It tugged at my heart-strings because these two really needed each other. In their newfound relationship, they found hope, family, and love. My students have big warm hearts as it concerns their four-legged family members and I know that they would enjoy Operation Rescue Dog.

In the book’s end, there is an author’s note by which Maria shares her experience with her rescue dog Becca. She goes into further detail about homeless dogs and cats and shares information about pet rescue. There is also a glossary for the Spanish words that were used in the story.

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Maria Gianferrari | https://mariagianferrari.com/

Luisa Uribe | https://luisauribe.com/

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