Sir Simon Super Scarer | by Cale Atkinson

Sir Simon: Super ScarerSir Simon: Super Scarer by Cale Atkinson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Note: Review of ARC | Book Releases September 4th, 2018

Sir Simon Super Scarer is one spooktacular read! I couldn’t resist saying that. It is highly likely that every reader will make this same declaration. But don’t worry, it isn’t the sort of freight that will keep your kids up at night, I mean come on, there’s a picture of a ghost’s butt cheeks on the back cover! That alone had me cracking up and I’m supposed to be the mature one here. I can only imagine the laughter that will ensue when my students discover this too.

Now to the matter of reviewing Cale Atkinson’s latest picture book. Sir Simon Spookington, Esq. is a full-time ghost who moonlights as a novelist. He works hard too. Haunting is not as easy as you might think. Spooking a bear? Not easy. But he’s done it. He’s frightened people on boats and bus stops too and now, his most exciting endeavor yet…the haunting of a house with elderly occupants. Easy peasy. Except there’s just one minor complication. A child. One who is not at all afraid of seeing a ghost. He’s actually very interested in the art of haunting and wishes to lend a hand. What is a ghost to do?

I loved this book for its wit, charm, and spooktacular illustrations. The color choices and accents on each page are a delight. Even the font choices played their part in the storytelling, often found on objects and styled to match the context. I admire Cale’s craft and his unwavering attention to artistic detail that is evident on every page. Lastly, the fact that the artwork in this book was noted as being created with ghost toots…Bwahahaha!!! Seriously, pay close attention to the front matter of this book. There’s even a ghost log from Sir Simon!

Buy this book for your classroom or school library. Your students will thank you. And no spoilers or anything, but this is not just a book you put out in October. It’s got an evergreen theme about friendship that every reader will appreciate. Enjoy.

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