Tea Cakes for Tosh by Kelly Starling Lyons, Illustrated by E. B. Lewis [CeCe’s Book Review]

Tea Cakes for ToshTea Cakes for Tosh by Kelly Starling Lyons

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It was a pleasure to finally get the chance to read one of Kelly Starling Lyons books. I have followed her on Twitter this past school year and appreciate the work that she does as a founding member of The Brown Bookshelf.

Tea Cakes for Tosh is the first book of Kelly’s that I’ve read and it warmed my heart! It got me good in that sweet spot where memories of times spent with grandparents dwells. That place where laughter, freshly baked coconut cake, big hugs, and stories still linger. Cherish that time for the incredible gift that it is. Much like this book is a gift. Read it and you’ll see what I mean.

In Tea Cakes for Tosh, the relationship he has with his grandma Honey is indeed an unbreakable bond that is filled with lots of love, “stories of courage,” and heavenly tea cakes that “smelled like vanilla mixed with sunshine.” The two of them spend afternoons together baking and remembering. Honey would share stories about Tosh’s great-great-great-great grandma, Ida that were so vivid, it was as though he were being transported back in time. Then one day, Honey’s memory begins to fade. She can’t quite recall the recipe as well as she used to. Tosh is right there to help grandma remember. To bake tea cakes for her and to tell the story that’s connected to them.

What a sweet, sweet story. This is one that I will be adding to my K-5 library. You will want to get a copy for your family. One to keep, and one to give away. Add it to your classroom library too and read it aloud with your students. I guarantee that you will all love it!

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The Brwon Bookshelf | https://thebrownbookshelf.com/

E.B. Lewis | http://eblewis.com/

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