Smart Cookie | by Elly Swartz

Smart CookieSmart Cookie by Elly Swartz

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Frankie’s dad owns and operates the Greene Family B&B, the place that they call home. The guest rooms are board game themed and include a Yahtzee room, Checkers & Chess, Monopoly, Connect 4, and Clue to name a few. Guests arrive for check-in at 4:00 to the smell of warm, fresh-baked cookies. A delicious way to be greeted indeed.

Frankie is a big part of the team and though it means the world to her to be by her dad’s side, she longs to have a mom so that her family might once more feel complete. Since her mom has passed away, her village includes her dad, Gram, a beagle, an African pygmy hedgehog, and her friend Elliott, who thinks there are ghosts everywhere. What prospective mom wouldn’t want to be a part of that? With her mission set, Frankie posts an online profile for her dad on a dating website without him knowing, but what would she do when the mom candidates start showing up at the B&B?

One covert operation leads to another as business at the B&B begins to decline and rumors of ghosts run rampant. The more she digs, the more she’s not so sure she wants to uncover. What are her dad and Gram hiding? Why so many secrets?

“When your family is missing an ingredient, you have to get creative.”
~Smart Cookie by Elly Swartz

Smart Cookie will make you think about the things that you hold dear. The memories we each treasure, the secrets we choose to hold onto and those that should be revealed.

I have enjoyed this book a great deal and thus decided to add it to my K-5 library collection this year school year (2017-2018). It is a book that gets checked out on a very regular basis.

Smart Cookie by Elly Swartz
Smart Cookie

Elly Swartz
Elly Swartz

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