Growing Up in a Grandfamily Within Our Chosen Family Village | by Brittany Nicole Avent

Growing up in a grandfamilyGrowing Up in a Grandfamily Within our Chosen Family Village is a nonfiction picture book that highlights the experience of being raised by grandparents and an extended support system that might also include other relatives. It was interesting to learn that some grandfamilies also include parents. In those scenarios, they likely have a demanding job and have their extended grandfamily as an added help.

Through this biographical text, Brittany shares her unique experience by reflecting on days where she felt different from others around her and maybe even unseen – “It made me feel a bit in the shadows sometimes” (Brittany Avent). She also tells of the blessing it was to be raised by her Nonna and Poppie. Their chosen family village also included the loving support of teachers, church leaders, and sports coaches to name a few. Each poured into their lives and encouraged them always to “work hard in school, be faithful, and develop their (our) talents and interests. This is advice that we can all take heed to. This truly is a book that is for everyone. Both as a story that may make a reader feel seen and understood, and as one that creates awareness for every reader.

The book ends with facts about grandfamilies. The various reasons they come together, and ways to be a strong, supportive grandfamily (including advice for kids and grandparents). Additional resources are noted for further study and represent the organizations that were consulted for statistical data and other facts that were used in the book.


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