Beautiful, Wonderful, Strong Little Me! | by Hannah Carmona Dias

Beautiful, Wonderful, Strong Little Me

Beautiful, Wonderful, Strong Little Me by Hannah Carmona Dias

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Note: Review of Advance Reader Copy provided by Eifrig Publishing | Book Releases Sept. 2018

Beautiful, Wonderful, Strong Little Me will empower the reader to celebrate what makes each one of us unique. Our outward appearance is only one part of the wondrous complexity of who we are. Lilly knows who she is; she loves who she is and doesn’t find it at all necessary to fit neatly into someone else’s box. I like Lilly because she is cool and confident, and has a joy about her that is unmistakably genuine.

Readers will enjoy getting to know Lilly in this debut picture book by Hannah Carmona Dias. It is filled with rhythmic lines and playful illustrations by Dolly Georgieva-Gode. At the book’s end, readers are encouraged to think of positive words to describe themselves. There’s even a frame that readers can use to draw a picture too. As a librarian, I love that there’s a note below the frame that tells the reader to copy the page first, if the copy of the book they’re reading is a library book.

This book also has a feature by which you can use a code to create a personalized audio recording through the StorySticker app.

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