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Week #1 Authors We Love 2/4-2/10/18 | Kick-Butt Debut Authors

There has never been another time in my life where I’ve felt as proud as I do right now about so many amazing debut Young Adult authors and their books. This topic is worthy of a post all its own but let’s just say, I didn’t have a whole lot of great YA reading experiences that I can recount from my young adulthood. Not to say that there weren’t any good books around at the time, it’s just that my exposure and access to books written by and about someone like me was bleak. The authors that I am shouting out this week represent some kick-butt breakout writers who showed up on the scene in 2017 (or early 2018) with their A-game! They blew up our social media feeds, trending before their books even hit the shelves, reigned supreme on the NY Times best-selling list, earned movie deals, and have impacted our reading community with admirable grace and excellence. Please do enjoy.

Nic Stone | Dear Martin 10/17/17

Review Excerpt: I look at the cover; I see my son. I read each line, left to right and in between; I hear my son’s voice. Searching for understanding and hope in this dark place, this space where justice is not for all of us; what do I teach my son? Continue reading…

Collage 2018-02-08 00_12_44.jpg
Author Photo: Nigel Livingstone

Nic Stone |

Crown Books for Young Readers
An Imprint of Random House Children’s Books, A Division of Penguin Random House, LLC

Underlined |

Angie Thomas | The Hate U Give 2/28/17

Review is forthcoming. Check back for updates. I must say though that I’ve read it 3 times and it has left me searching for just the right words to say. I absolutely LOVED it. 5-STARS! I currently own 2 print copies (one of which is signed), 1 audio book on CD, and I am excited for my pre-ordered copy of the Barnes & Noble Exclusive Collector’s Edition that releases on 2/27/18. It is also important to note that this wonderful book is being brought to life on the silver screen, directed by George Tillman Jr.. There is no known release date as of yet but I sure can’t wait!

Author Photo: Anissa Hidouk

Angie Thomas |

Balzer & Bray
An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers

Liara Tamani | Calling My Name 10/24/17

Review Excerpt: With grace and honesty, Liara Tamani has penned a remarkable debut novel that captures the beauty that is the struggle and gift of becoming a young woman during the transformative years in middle and high school. Taking us through those awkward moments of insecurity and self-doubt, first bras and first loves, obedience and rebellion, to self-discovery, identity, and purpose. Continue reading…


Author Photo: Catherine Lea

Liara Tamani |

Vashti Harrison |

Greenwillow Books
An imprint of Harper Collins Publishers

Epic Reads |

Elizabeth Acevedo | The Poet X

Review Excerpt: The Poet X is Elizabeth Acevedo’s extraordinary debut novel that speaks from the depths of the beauty and power of the written and spoken word. It is a novel in verse, told in three parts about Xiomara Batista, a 15-year old girl hailing from Harlem. Continue reading…

Collage 2018-02-07 23_41_47.jpg

Elizabeth Acevedo |

Harper Teen
An imprint of Haper Collins Publishers

Epic Reads |

Ibi Zoboi | American Street 2/14/17

Review is forthcoming. Check back for updates. I really enjoyed getting to know Fabiola Toussaint and the cast of boisterous characters that make up her family. It was nice to gain the perspective of what life in the United States looks like from the eyes of a Haitian immigrant. I hope that you will relish this book at much as I did.

Collage 2018-02-08 00_25_55.jpg
Author Photo: Joseph Zoboi

Ibi Zoboi |

Balzer & Bray
An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers

Tomi Adeyemi | Children of Blood and Bone 3/6/18

Review Forthcoming. Check back for updates. Thank you to Amber Webb who let her ARC of Children of Blood and Bone go on a #BookExcursion. All I can say is 5 STARS! This pulled me all the way in on a fantastic and powerful adventure. I have my copy on pre-order and I can’t wait to read it again! I am also excited that this book will be made into a film. I’ve got my eyes on the lookout for more details about the movie deal with Fox 2000.

Collage 2018-02-11 16_37_51.jpg
Author Photo: Elena Seibert

Tomi Adeyemi |

Henry Holt and Company Books for Young Readers
An Imprint of Macmillan  Children’s Publishing Group


  1. I absolutely LOVED The Hate U Give, but I am amazed you’ve read it 3 times! It was so powerful/emotional to me, I’m not sure I could get through it again. Dear Martin and American Street are on my TBR list right now.


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