Pirasaurs! | by Josh Funk

Pirasaurs!Pirasaurs! by Josh Funk

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Josh Funk cleverly combines two things our kids love, Pirates and Dinosaurs in a swashbuckling tale across the open seas where adventure and treasures abound. With plenty of buccaneering beasts, prehistoric scallywags, and mutiny, you are sure to wish you could join Captain Rex and her crew.

Michael Slack’s illustrations are fun and playful and puts you right in the middle of the action as a new recruit tries to prove his worth, longing to become a Pirasaur. Your children are sure to love this book as much as I did. My students love Josh Funk. He writes the sort of books they like to read. He also has an incredible website that has lots of resources for kids, parents, and educators. Check out the Pirasaurs page to find coloring pages, a book trailer, and a Pirasaurs Quiz: https://www.joshfunkbooks.com/pirasaurs

Pirasaurs! by Josh Funk

Josh Funk
Josh Funk

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Josh Funk | https://www.joshfunkbooks.com/

Illustrator Michael Slack | http://www.slackart.com/

Orchard Books
An imprint of Scholastic Inc.


Book #1 | 2018 Beat the Backlist | Team Novel Knights


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