Daily Writing Goals: Challenge Accepted!

Challenge Accepted – Let’s Do This!!

I have taken on 2 different writing challenges to kick off 2018! If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, it may have become evident that I really love writing about the books I read. I’ve always enjoyed writing and have worked in varying capacities at writing newsletters, editing the work of other writers, and conducting research for…you guessed it, the writing of others. Maybe now it’s time to cast my fears aside and give this a try, so in that vein, I share with you the two writing challenges that I have accepted. Should you be interested in joining me, you can find the links below to access the hosts of both challenges.

Challenge #1 Inkygirl Word Count Challenge

“The goal of the Inkygirl Word Count Challenge is simple: to inspire writers to write.”

~Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Twitter: @inkyelbows | Instagram: @inkygirl


The Inkygirl Word Count Challenge is offered by the very talented and creative, author/illustrator, Debbie Ridpath Ohi (pictured above). I stumbled across her on Twitter over the summer (2017) and knew that she was pretty special. I was extremely fortunate to read and review an ARC of her book Sam & Eva about collaboration and creativity that released in October 2017. Since then, I’ve used her website as a resource for my K-5 library. She has so many great printables, galleries, tips for igniting a love for reading, and videos for educators and students to enjoy-all for FREE! Her generosity extends to all and includes aspiring writers and illustrators. It would be well worth your time to check out her website: http://debbieohi.com/ and see for yourself.

DailyWords250-DebbieOhi-200This word count challenge is pretty flexible and is based on the honor system. The idea is to work towards meeting your word count goal each day for 6 days a week until…well, all year! I waited to do this challenge because I wanted to make sure I’d be ready for making this commitment to myself. Since I’ve been faithfully writing this blog, I figured now is the time to give this a go. I have chosen to challenge myself to 250 words a day. Clearly, I can easily meet the 250 word count. I chose this number as a starting point, with my intent really being to work on writing consistently (daily). The writing I am counting towards my challenge will be:


Challenge #2  Storystorm 2018 – 30 Ideas / 31 Days with Tara Lazar

Read the daily inspirational posts by professional authors, illustrators and experts in creativity and then jot down a daily story idea. That’s it!


Twitter: @tarlazar | Instagram @taralaser (yes, it is spelled laser)

Tara Lazar is the founder and host of Storystorm – 30 Ideas / 31 Days. She is the author of several picture books. Her book, 7 Ate 9 (May 2017) is an absolutely hilarious pun-filled mystery that my students love. It is always checked out from the library! You can find my review here. Her website is a “KidLit Treasure Box” that you must check out: https://taralazar.com/.

I’m excited to see what ideas will come from 30 days of inspired brainstorming! This challenge is also based on the honor system but if all 30 days are completed, you then are eligible for some great prizes. Consider joining me and check out Tara Lazar’s Storystorm blog post to learn more about the challenge: https://taralazar.com/category/storystorm-2018/.


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