Stegothesaurus | by Bridget Heos

StegothesaurusStegothesaurus by Bridget Heos

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Note: Advance Reader’s Edition | Book Releases June 2018

I am a connoisseur of words and love that I can still learn new ones each day. In my writing life, I search for fanciful, delightful words that I can use to describe the innumerable ways I’ve enjoyed a book I’ve read. I count it a challenge to find a new one with each blog I write. Today alone, I learned 3 new words: Logophile, Philologos, and Logomaniac; One who is a lover of words or is obssessed with them. While I would not consider myself to be as extreme as a logomaniac, I do appreciate a book that teaches kids new words. Bridget Heos does a good job of this in her book Stegothesaurus.

Stegothesaurus is one of 3 dinosaur brothers who knows lots of words and uses them to describe everything he sees. One day he meets a “frightening, formidable, fearsome” Allosaurus who knows and uses a lot of big beautiful words too and you’ll never guess how she’s gained such a robust vocabulary. I am convinced that you will be surprised, amazed, astonished!

I enjoyed Stegothesaurus because learning new words is fun. This book provides a great way to begin a discussion on synonyms and the use of a thesaurus to enrich our vocabularies as readers and writers.

Stegothesaurus by Bridget Heos

Bridget Heos
Bridget Heos

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