Shark Nate-O | by Becky Cattie & Tara Luebbe

Shark Nate-OShark Nate-O by Tara Luebbe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Note: Adavance Reader Edition | Book releases Apil 2018

I like Nate. He’s a smart kid who knows how to use his resources to discover and understand the world around him. Nate loves sharks, a LOT, so he studies them and collects numerous facts that he shares with anyone who will listen (find Nate’s Shark Facts at the end of the book). He often pretends to be a shark. His older brother however, is unimpressed and declares that Nate is not a real shark because he can’t swim. Nate didn’t let this fact stop him though. He makes plans to learn how to swim so he can live up to his nickname: Shark Nate-O. To do this, he has to be brave in a way that he’s never known. Ultimately, perseverance will cause Nate to prevail. I found myself rooting Nate on as he faced and conquered his fears. I wanted to see him succeed and you will too.

Shark Nate-O by Tara Luebbe
Shark Nate-O

Tara Luebbe
Tara Luebbe

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