Be A Star, Wonder Woman! | by Michael Dahl

Be a Star, Wonder Woman!Be a Star, Wonder Woman! by Michael Dahl

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Going to school each day is an adventure. It is the place where new challenges are faced, fears are overcome, and bravery prevails as we learn and grow. Some days are tough and we might just feel like giving up but “A hero must be strong. She must never give up. Never quit.” Throughout the course of one school day, a young girl helps friends settle a dispute, wrestles with her fear of heights, and takes on the very difficult task of writing about her hero, Wonder Woman.

I am a fan of superhero books for kids in any format. In my K-5 library, I have picture books, graphic novels, chapter books and those cool hybrids that have an even mix of pictures and text. Be a Star, Wonder Woman! was fun to read and I really enjoyed the way the young girl’s story and Wonder Woman’s intertwined. While their challenges weren’t exactly the same, they both had to be strong and courageous in order to succeed.

Omar Lozano’s illustrations paired with Michael’s Dahl’s text make for an engaging read. Lozano’s use of vivid colors and the infusion of comic book panels are exciting. It is a welcome addition to the DC Super Heroes collection.

Be a Star, Wonder Woman! by Michael Dahl
Be a Star, Wonder Woman!

Michael Dahl
Michael Dahl

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