I Need My Monster | by Amanda Noll

I Need My MonsterI Need My Monster by Amanda Noll

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll stays in my library’s Top Ten checkouts! I believe it to be a combination of giggles, ooze, and slime, but mostly because of the silly monsters. Ethan has a dilemma. His monster Gabe was apparently in need of a vacation and decided to go on a week-long fishing trip. This meant that Ethan would have trouble going to sleep. You see, it was his monster’s job to be just scary enough to keep him in the bed. When Gabe is on the job, Ethan can get a good night’s rest but without him…who knows, he might just be tempted to get out of the bed and stay up late. Not certain it would work, Ethan knocks on the floor beneath his bed and waits for a new monster to arrive. Several show up but they aren’t scary enough. Don’t have long enough claws. They simply aren’t Gabe! What will he do without his monster?

This is a playful monster story that is full of humor. It is just spooky enough for those who like a good monster tale but is also heavy on the charm so our youngest readers won’t be afraid. I share this book with our students every year in October and they love it! It is hardly ever on the shelf as it is always in the hands of a student. The story is one they enjoy but they are equally drawn to the illustrations that are vivid and full of character. If you don’t already own this book, it is worth adding it to your collection.

As an added bonus, enjoy the book brought to life and read aloud by Rita Moreno on Storyline Online.

I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll
I Need My Monster

Amanda Noll
Amanda Noll

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