Calling My Name | by Liara Tamani

Calling My NameCalling My Name by Liara Tamani

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With grace and honesty, Liara Tamani has penned a remarkable debut novel that captures the beauty that is the struggle and gift of becoming a young woman during the transformative years in middle and high school. Taking us through those awkward moments of insecurity and self-doubt, first bras and first loves, obedience and rebellion, to self-discovery, identity, and purpose.

Taja Brown takes in the world around her and considers her choices, under the light of her understanding of God and under the weight of the expectations and rules imposed by her loving parents. She’s on a journey that we all must take as we come into our own. Learning and growing from our mistakes as well as our successes. Hers is a story that will resonate with our teenage daughters just as much as it will stir up nostalgia in the hearts of mothers. I saw my teenage self in Taja, experiencing and celebrating the good and the bad of it all over again and it was a true joy. Calling My Name is a treasure to cherish.

Shout out to the amazingly talented Vashti Harrison for the cover jacket design. It is absolutely stunning!

Calling My Name by Liara Tamani
Calling My Name

Liara Tamani
Liara Tamani

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One of My Favorite Lines from the Text

“Here comes the sun! Over the Gulf of Mexico, God always picks up pink and purple before bringing gold along. I like to think He does this just for me.” (Taja)

~Liara Tamani


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