Hamsters Don’t Fight Fires | by Andrew Root

Hamsters Don't Fight Fires!Hamsters Don’t Fight Fires! by Andrew Root

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hugo is a hamster that is comfortable with who he is and who he is not but what he would love to be most of all is a firefighter. His dream is near and dear to his heart and moves him to pursue the impossible with everything he’s got. What Hugo once thought a disadvantage (his small stature). turns out to be just what was needed to save the day. I think our students will enjoy this story. It will inspire them to persevere and to celebrate what makes them unique. Why not challenge the norm? Who says you can’t be a firefighter or anything else you aspire to be.

Hamsters Don't Fight Fires! by Andrew Root
Hamsters Don’t Fight Fires!

Andrew Root
Andrew Root

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