Caring For Your Lion | by Tammi Sauer

Caring for Your LionCaring for Your Lion by Tammi Sauer

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It’s delivery day and you see the truck pull up to bring your long awaited dream pet to your doorstep. What are you supposed to do though when you expected a cute little kitten and instead receive a lion?! Yes, a real live lion! Fortunately, it came with care instructions and should this brave young man follow them step-by-step, he will be sure to have great success with his brand new purrrfect pet lion.

20170908_214353Tammi Sauer’s, Caring for Your Lion is a real treat, a clever mix of charm and humor with a dash of silly. The bright and colorful illustrations by Troy Cummings add to the FUN and playful nature of the tale. This is the sort of book you will want to read aloud to your students and share with them over and over again. It has been kid tested and approved personally by my students. True story.


Signed by Troy Cummings

The copy I read was given to my library as a gift from the illustrator, Troy Cummings. My students are BIG TIME FANS of his Notebook of Doom series of which he is both the author and illustrator.

With it being the beginning of the school year, it’s the perfect time to discuss library rules and as we talked about the many ways you can use the library, we made sure to point out not to roar like a lion in the library (unless of course it is deemed necessary).  The natural pairing then was to read Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen. Now my students know how to care for their pet lions AND what to do when they take their lion to the library. Mission accomplished. #FunLibrary

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