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Autumn. Stellar athlete. The only female on the wrestling team. A freshman who cannot read. Adonis. Brilliant student at the top of his class. Confident. Often cocky. Proud. Adonis is wheel chair bound. An unlikely friendship is formed.

I would say the interest level would range from 7th/8th grade (possibly 9th grade too). Each chapter switches between Autumn and Adonis. Autumn’s chapters are choppy and broken, sort of like her speech. Holding true to the fact that she has difficulty reading. Adonis’ chapters are much smoother and laced with language that you would expect to hear from someone as smart as he is.

It is a bit more mature as the main characters are freshman in high school and they notice more about the opposite sex. So for this reason I would not recommend this book for elementary age students, even if they are a high level reader. Parents be cautious when choosing books based on reading level. Content is not usually a factor in leveling books.

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